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Notcoin Pre-Launch Trading Begins 

Users can now convert their Notcoin balances into vouchers (NFTs) through the Notcoin bot and later connect to the TON wallet to transact the NFTs on the TON blockchain.

In a groundbreaking development, crypto enthusiasts now have the chance to engage in trading Notcoin even before its official token launch. Those who actively participated in mining, referred friends, and engaged in promotional campaigns can now convert their Notcoin game balance into 10M and 100M Notcoin Vouchers (NFT) for trading on the peer-to-peer platform GetGems.

Notcoin is a mining game available on Telegram, where users simply tap the logo image to mine and earn tokens. As the name suggests, it is a “not coin,” implying that the tokens earned by players are not actual cryptocurrencies but rather in-game tokens that are not minted on-chain.

These vouchers hold significant value as users can later exchange for $NOT tokens following the token launch. Alternatively, holders may choose to wait until the token launch to directly convert their balance to $NOT.

With the listing price of $NOT tokens still uncertain, participants need to exercise caution as the price may fluctuate, potentially even starting at zero. However, this pre-market initiative ensures that 20% of royalties from NFT purchases will contribute to liquidity for future token listings, enhancing the overall trading ecosystem.

How Do Notcoin Vouchers Work?

In an innovative move, users can now convert their Notcoin balances into vouchers through the Notcoin bot, paving the way for pre-market trading opportunities. Here’s how it works:

  1. Access the Notcoin bot via t.me/notcoin_bot and select the Trade option from the main menu.
  2. Choose the desired quantity of vouchers.
  3. Connect your TON wallet and complete the transaction by paying the blockchain fee (approximately $0.1) to mint the NFT voucher.
  4. Within minutes, the voucher will be visible in your TON wallet.

These newly created Notcoin Pre-Market Vouchers can then be freely traded on the Getgems marketplace. Additionally, holders have the option to exchange their vouchers for $NOT tokens once the official token launch takes place.

Furthermore, the window for Notcoin mining is closing soon, adding urgency and significance to this latest development in the Notcoin ecosystem.

In order to connect the Notcoin vouchers to the wallet, users first need to open the Trade tab. Then, after choosing the number of vouchers, the wallet connections will become available. Upon converting the Notcoin balance into an NFT voucher and settling the minting fee, users will promptly receive the voucher in their wallet. 

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