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United Nations expert Will Go to Bangladesh to evaluate effect of poverty on human rights

UN professional Will Go to Bangladesh to estimate effect of poverty on mortal rights UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and mortal rights Olivier De Schutter will visit Bangladesh to examine the government’s sweats to annihilate poverty from 17 to 29 May 2023. “ Bangladesh has made remarkable earnings in poverty reduction over recent times, yet important questions remain around how to maintain this progress and insure all corridor of the population benefit inversely, ” said De Schutter, the independent expert appointed by the UN Human Rights Council to cover, report, and advise on poverty and mortal rights around the world. “ visit will be an occasion to hear and learn further and give recommendations to the government on how it can continue to support people out of poverty and insure the right to an acceptable standard of living for all in the face of profitable and climate- convinced shocks. ” During the visit, the UN expert will travel to Dhaka, Rangpur Division and Cox’s Bazar, where he’ll meet with public and original government officers, individualities and communities affected by poverty, and representatives from civil society. In addition to probing the effectiveness of social security programmes, De Schutter will examine the impact of Bangladesh’s labour laws, health care, casing, and education systems on poverty. He’ll also assess the situation of groups disproportionately affected by poverty, including women, children, people with disabilities and aged persons, as well as ready- made garment workers and Rohingya deportees. De Schutter will present his primary compliances and recommendations at a press conference at Hotel Pan Pacific Sonargaon in Dhaka on 29 May at 1500 original time. Access will be rigorously limited to intelligencers. The press conference will also be live- streamed. Special Rapporteur will present his final report on the visit to the UN Human Rights Council in June 2024.

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