Notcoin is a new meme token on the TON blockchain .

admin May 12, 2024

Notcoin is a new meme token on the TON blockchain .

Notcoin is a new meme token on the TON blockchain from the Telegram team. Currently, it operates as a bot on Telegram. The concept is simple: click on the coin and earn tokens directly within the bot!

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What is Notcoin

Notcoin is a new meme coin (cryptocurrency) with the potential to become a sensation . It currently functions as a clicker-bot, essentially a gaming application within the Telegram messenger. The objective is to click on the token icon to earn coins, entirely free and accessible to everyone.

How to Register

Go to the official Telegram bot via the link
After entering, you’ll see the main bot screen; click on the large blue button.

main screen notcoin bot

The bot sends a brief instruction; at the end of the message, click the “Let’s go” or “Start earn more” button.

welcome message notcoin

That’s it! After clicking, the main game screen will open.

How to Farm Notcoin Coins

Upon opening the bot, a large notcoin icon will appear on the screen. Click on it to earn (farm) coins.mining token notcoin

By default, you receive 3000 notcoin. Initially, you get one coin for each click.


You start with 1000 energy units (bottom left, lightning bolt symbol ).
With each click, your energy decreases by 1. When you run out of energy, take a 10-second break until it starts to replenish

.enegry restoration


Boosts accelerate the coin mining process. Click on the rocket icon (bottom right – boosts).
Here’s what the boosts menu looks like.
all boosters notcoin

Several types of boosts are offered:


  • Multitap – Increases the coins earned per click. Start by upgrading this boost.
  • Recharging speed – Influences the speed of energy replenishment. Three levels available.
  • Energy Limit – ncreases the total energy capacity.
  • Tap Bot – A significant boost! This bot clicks for you, allowing you to earn notcoin on autopilot. It costs 20,000 coins but is highly recommended.
Daily Boosts

In the “Free daily boosters” section, you’ll find daily boosts available for free.

  • Turbo – Boosts coin earnings during clicking, available three times a day.
  • Full energy – ПRestores all energy, usable three times a day.

During clicking, a rocket occasionally appears – be sure to click it to significantly increase notcoin earnings per click.

Can You Make Money With This?

UPDATED 2024/01/22
The largest exchanges (Binance, Bybit, OKX) have created pages for Notcoin. The official community conducted a poll on whether to list the coin on exchanges, and in this poll, there was no answer “no.” Here is the link to the poll:
Most likely, the coin will appear on exchanges in the near future, and everyone will be able to sell their coins, which they received absolutely for free.

Currently, notcoin has no monetary value. However, it’s likely to be listed on crypto exchanges in the future. The current phase is called “pre-mining,” where coins are distributed among users to avoid concentration. There’s a possibility that the notcoins you earn might have real monetary value after some time.

Popularity of the Meme Coin

UPDATED 2024/01/22
Notcoin players: 18,423,066
Subscribed to the official Telegram channel: 1,459,157 people
Twitter followers: 448.2k

Within a few days of beta testing, notcoin gained unprecedented attention from millions of users. As of January 5th 2024, the number of players exceeds 1,800,000.

The official Telegram community has 104,441 subscribers.

The official Twitter account has 48,000 followers.

Interesting Facts

The name “NOT COIN” is an upside-down version of TON COIN. The logo is also an inverted TON logo.

The official channels and the coin bot have received verification checkmarks from Telegram, significantly boosting trust in the new game.