Notcoin Game Alternative

admin May 15, 2024

Notcoin Game Alternative

List of Notcoin Game Alternative !

Notcoin players on Telegram can now deposit or stake their tokens, as billions of NOT tokens are handed out through Binance and OKX.

Among the popular and not so well-known analogues of Telegram bot Notcoin are the following:

TapSwap – Clicker in telegram bot to get Solana. This is the most similar analogue of Notcoin. The platform was launched on February 15 and during this time has gathered more than 2 million users, continuing to actively gain momentum. The date of the listing of the collected tokens is not yet known.

TOM Earn Money Clicking on a Tomato. Get a Free Airdrop only for using our. Telegram app. Imagen. $TOM. TOKENOMICS. Buy & Sell Tax (4%). Rebuy & Burn

NEAR Wallet - Hot is a Telegram mini-app for storing NEAR, USDT and mining HOT tokens

Timecoin– this is a mini-application in Telegram for mining tokens, an analogue of HOT

PocketFi– an ideal solution for seamless cross-network translation of tokens with a mining function. Mining is similar NEAR Wallet - Hot to Timecoin

HarvestMoon is a new decentralized web3 application built on the basis of the “NEAR” network inside Telegram.

MOMO AI– telegram bot-game for participating in the airdrop from MetaOasis (social gaming platform on web3, raised $3M of investment). At the moment, it is the top 4 in terms of users and turnover of the application on Solana.

Wormfare: Another interesting project where NFT worm owners can play and earn from it. Earned coins can be transferred to WOFR token.

Catizen: A clicker in which you need to produce cats. The more kitties, the more vkitty coins they bring.

Each of these projects is worth considering if you are interested in farming a new cryptocurrency. Farming on these platforms can become a promising activity for all interested participants of the crypto market and become one of the most relevant methods of earning in the world of cryptocurrencies.